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Many ask: Is that necessary and isn´t that too much stress on a Savnnah?

Generally every breeder only presents cats that are willing to participate. Cats who get aggressive or show fear will be disqualified. So there is diligent planning in which cats comes to an exhibition and which does not.

You will leave a lady that wants her tom at home if you don´t want all your toms to get a spleen. You will have to practice at home beforehand and check if she dances or goes along for a ride in your car. Some of them will feel sick.

Then you put all the decoration and whatever else the lady needs in your car. And if you have such a wonderful sense of orientations as I have you will come by Berlin on your way home from Bremen to Hamburg (which is kind of a detour).

And why all of this? A lot of people have never heard of the Savannah and for me it is important to let them see it. But what will the judges say? What comes with it is supporting your club because the club does a lot for you as a breeder. So at this point I give a big Thank You to all the breeder clubs out there that you make such events possible.


Of course you can find us in other press, too. For example in  the Swiss cat magazine, books and cat furniture. A lot of toys were tested on my Savannahs because when the toy survives that, it will probably survive anything. Not only my Savannahs are extraordinary but so is my photographer Miss Kim Indra Oehne who was part of my journey from the beginning. Over the years she created wonderful pictures which make us both really proud. You will find pictures at julinka, Lucky-Kitty, cat-on, stylecats, in Cat Magazine with a strain portrait Savannah as well as in the Whiskas calendar.