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Project Description


F1 black-silver-tabby/spotted Savannah


Suniva´s mother, of sooleawe Nabila, comes from a line which guarantees a pure nature and Suniva´s father is a Serval by the name of Leon. Like all my girls she is very affectionate and gives birth on my lap, which all of them do. A big girl with big heart for the kittens and me. She doesn´t really like men. She is highly intelligent and teaches her young ones the ABCs of a Savannah household and if it was solely about her, I would be with her 24/7. For a F1 Savannah she is unusually bright and yes, I admit, she is my everything.

  • Father: Leon

  • Mother: Nabila

  • Birthdate: 01.03.2015

  • Generation: F1

  • Registration: A

  • Fur color: black-silver-tabby/spotted