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Project Description


brown-black/spotted. tabby Serval


Our Serval Roland, called Rolle, is a very balanced Serval. The ladies may steal his chick, he stands above that like a gentleman.
Deep brown eyes and a wonderful anatomy are highly promising. Excellent markings, which are common for Servals, will hopefully be passed down.
He takes his food directly out of your hand. He is not afraid of water hoses or dogs. It is almost unbelievable how a wild animal can be that sociable and curious. Of course the extra large litter box is his. His spraying behaviour can be enormous, as again is common for Servals.
And of course he is routinely vaccinated und checked by the vet.

  • Father: n/a

  • Mother: n/a

  • Birthday: 12.04.2004

  • Generation: n/a

  • Registration: n/a

  • Fur color: brown-black/spotted. tabby